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Detox Masks + 1 FREE mixing jar - DETOX MASK THERAPY


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Need a healthier skin cleansing routine? Treat your sensitive face skin to Oleum Vera’s organic Detox masks! Using organic ingredients only, you’ll be able to make 15 Detox masks and 5 DIY recipes with white kaolin clay, spearmint & green tea, calendula petals, jojoba oil, lavender buds and tamanu oil. Your skin will feel clean and nourished with these Oleum Vera twist-off capsules! With this special offer, you will receive a FREE mixing jar to make your beauty recipes at home.



How does it work?

A little bit of water, a mixing bowl, natural ingredients and your creativity are the only necessities to make our beauty recipes. The detailed instructions for each capsule are directly on the box. Sit back, relax and enjoy the detoxing results of these elevated blends. 


Does your skin feel like it needs a fresh start? Our Detox Kit has got you covered with 5 DIY beauty recipes and 3 masks per capsule (15 masks total):

  • DIY Purifying Mask with spearmint
  • DIY Deep Cleansing Mask with calendula
  • DIY Detox Mask with charcoal
  • DIY Invigorating Mask with lavender
  • DIY Skin Balancing Mask with tamanu

Only certified organic ingredients

At Oleum Vera, all of our ingredients are certified organic (EcoCert, Cosmos Organic, USDA Organic). Lasts 24 months after opening.


- 5x 2 ingredient capsules

  • white kaolin clay & spearmint + green tea (13
  • white kaolin clay & calendula petals
  • charcoal + white kaolin clay & jojoba oil
  • white kaolin clay & lavender buds
  • white kaolin clay & tamanu oil

- 5x easy to follow DIY recipes: purifying, deep cleansing, detox, invigorating and balancing for 15 masks total

- 1 FREE mixing jar

Gift yourself!

Offer the gift of exquisite fragrances, oils and nature to your loved ones and encourage them to take time for themselves. The elegant packaging and its exciting content make for a lovely gift to anyone wishing to clean up their skincare. 

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