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Tips & Best Practices

Make the most of your DIY green beauty routine by carefully following these recommendations:

1. Always patch test your homemade product or ingredients for 48 hours before applying a larger amount to the skin, hair or face. Read more about how to patch test.

2. Maintain a clean environment for preparing your homemade beauty products and follow sanitization guidelines to prevent the presence of impurities, mold, and other problems. It is especially important to follow sanitization guidelines if your product contains water and won’t be used immediately.

  • Thoroughly wash hands before beginning or wear disposable gloves

  • Carefully clean utensils and containers before beginning:

    • Metal utensils can be wiped with rubbing alcohol or placed in boiling water for 10 minutes to sanitize.

    • Glass containers (like Oleum Vera dropper bottles and spray bottles) should be washed with warm water and soap, then sprayed with rubbing alcohol and either wiped dry with a clean cloth or allowed to air dry. The internal plastic pump in the spray bottles and the glass dropper can also be cleaned with rubbing alcohol.  

    • Plastic containers or tools (like the reusable scrub jar, funnel, lotion bar mold or mortar and pestle) should be washed with soap and warm water, then sprayed with rubbing alcohol and dried.

    • If you’re using a container that has already held an oil-based homemade product, use a plant-based oil to flush out any traces of essential oils before you begin the cleaning process.

3. Use an appropriate amount of an all-natural preservative (Oleum Vera Vitamin E is a great choice) to keep oil-based recipes fresh. If you’re not sure how much Vitamin E to include, why not start with one of our beauty recipes before you begin customizing?

4. Store homemade beauty products for short amounts of time, and in a cool, dark place. Some products, like homemade hydrating toners, are often best stored in the fridge. Remember, fresher is better!

5. Use your common sense to determine if a product has been left too long. If something smells or looks off, it’s better to make a fresh batch than to take the risk!