Welcome to the Oleum Vera Community Blog. We’re so glad you’re here—and so excited to finally start this adventure! In the coming months, we hope to build an online space that’s fun, interesting, and a little bit cozy, too.

We’ll be sharing tips and news on everything we, at OV, are passionate about. That means natural skin care, hair care and body care, of course; but we also love chatting and sharing info on tons more topics, ranging from superfoods to the organic lifestyle, to self-care in the iPad era.

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This is a space for discovery: a little corner of the Internet where you can always expect to learn something new, meet a like-minded soul, or just get your weekly dose of advice on how to take care of yourself, the natural way. 

This is also a space for creativity. At OV, we want to empower you to tailor your natural beauty regimen to your own needs and lifestyle. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all body care, and so we’re committed to passing on the knowledge you need to adapt our products any way you like.

Lastly, this is a space for inclusivity. No matter where you are in your natural journey—whether you know all or nothing about the beauty of essential oils—, we’re just happy to have you!