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Welcome to the Oleum Vera Press Kit.

Are you a journalist or a blogger? Or maybe you’re just curious to know more about Oleum Vera? Either way, this page contains everything you’ll need to tell the Oleum Vera story to your audience.




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These are our most Frequently Asked Questions. Scroll down for short-and-sweet answers on the Oleum Vera products, orders, shipping and returns.


Why should I consider trying natural body care products?
Though more and more consumers are paying closer attention to the ingredients they put on their bodies, the beauty industry is using more untested chemicals than ever before in its products. Oleum Vera was born out of a desire to provide a gentler, more natural alternative that would be just as fun and easy to use. Organic oils, butters, and clays are beneficial for your skin, hair, and soul in ways unmatched by mainstream beauty products—that’s why we think you should give them a try.

What do you mean when you say your products are organic?
‘Organic’ means GMO-free products grown without fertilizers, pesticides, and other synthetic chemicals. A lot of people eat organic, either for their health, the planet, or both! We think these concerns should extend beyond the plate. That’s why the Oleum Vera kits are 100% organic, with both ECOCERT’s and the USDA’s stamps of approval.

What’s ‘DIY’?
The letters ‘DIY’ stand for ‘Do-it-Yourself’. Part of Oleum Vera’s mission is to take body care out of the hands of the beauty industry and reclaim it for consumers like us, who care about the environment and what they put on their bodies. DIY is a part of that: we want to empower you to create your own products, from scratch. We do this by providing high-quality ingredients, reusable containers, and dozens of beauty recipes that are both quick (most take 3 minutes or less) and incredibly easy to make.

Okay, but premade beauty products save me time. How long does making this stuff actually take?
Most of our recipes are designed to take under 3 minutes to make, and the resulting product could last you weeks or months depending on what you’re making. The ingredients in homemade body care products aren’t transformed or altered; that’s why making them takes barely any time at all!


Where do you ship to?

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is calculated in the Shopping Cart based on your order and location. You can test this out by adding any product to your Shopping Cart and going to the Shopping Cart page. A shipping quote will be provided automatically; no need to commit to ordering beforehand.

How long does delivery take?

We ship within 3 business days of your order being placed. (Please note, we are based out of Montreal, Canada. These are our statutory holidays; we do not ship on these dates, in addition to weekends.) Delivery to Europe, Canada, and the United States generally takes under a week, while delivery to other parts of the world may take up to two weeks.

Can I track my order?
Once your order is shipped (within 3 business days of being placed), you will receive a tracking link via email from our shipping team. Using said link, you will then be able to track your package via our chosen carrier’s website.


What is your return policy?
Products must be returned within 30 days of receipt, unused and unopened. Customers are responsible for any return shipping fees. We recommend securing a tracking number for your return, as Oleum Vera is not liable for any return packages lost in transit.

Refunds are issued in the form of the original payment. We will provide a full refund for the value of the product(s) returned (excluding shipping costs).

IMPORTANT: Only products purchased from, unused and unopened, can be returned.

Please email us at to request a Return Authorization, and wait for said Authorization to send the product back.