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Our Commitment To Quality

Why we choose organic

For Oleum Vera, “organic” isn’t a mere label we put on our products to make them look prettier. Actively choosing sustainable, ethically-sourced, and all-natural ingredients for our DIY kits is both our passion and our principle. We believe there’s never been a better time to choose only organic ingredients -it’s the best option for the planet and you. Businesses, farmers, and consumers all have a duty to take care of the earth, and embracing an all-natural DIY beauty regimen is a great place to start.

USDA and ECOCERT certified

Our essential oils, butters, dried flowers, and the majority of our plant-based oils are certified organic by the USDA and ECOCERT. Additionally, both bodies have certified our clays as 100% natural. Our team works diligently to ensure our products are non-GMO, eco-friendly, and of the highest quality. When you purchase our organic DIY beauty kits and refills, you know you’re treating your body to very best in self-care.

High-quality tools

Your Oleum Vera DIY organic beauty kit also contains a selection of reusable, high-quality equipment for creating your own homemade cosmetics. These little bottles, droppers, funnels, containers, and other tools will see you through several batches of your customized organic beauty products.

Beautifully presented

The ingredients in all our kits come in beautifully-assembled wooden boxes, which can also serve as a storage space for your all-natural creations. Each kit also comes with a set of easy recipes, so you can get started straight away!

So what does this mean for you?

By using organic and all-natural ingredients in your DIY beauty recipes, you know exactly what’s in your DIY beauty products. You’re avoiding a long list of harsh, industrial, and unpronounceable chemicals that can irritate the skin and harm the environment. Your eco-friendly tools will also help you to get your natural beauty regimen off to the best start possible!

If you find your kit isn’t up to our high standards, get in touch with us at