Mood Balancing Bath Oil

Need to recover from a tough day at work? This allnatural bath oil will leave your body and mind relaxed and restored. This simple beauty recipe takes just minutes to make and contains just four organic ingredients!

Servings: 1 Bottle
Time: 5 mins
Difficulty: Easy

4 tsp


macadamia oil

2 tsp (10ml)

avocado oil

9 drops

Organic patchouli essential oil

3 drops

Organic lavender essential oil

Combine all ingredients.

Easily absorbed into the skin, Macadamia Oil is an ideal carrier oil that nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids.

Luxurious Avocado Oil is one of the richest oil sources of vitamin C, E and provitamin A. With its hydrating and antioxidant properties, it is especially useful in regenerative and anti-ageing skincare.

Keep skin healthy, vibrant and glowing with Patchouli Essential Oil. Renowned for its regenerative and relaxing powers, it’s an ideal ingredient in body scrubs and butter.

Often used to alleviate anxiety and insomnia and stimulate cell growth, Lavender Essential Oil is a must for any organic skincare program.

TIP: Always remember to patch test any skin care product or ingredient before using a large amount – your skin matters!

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