Moisturizing Avocado Mask

Is your skin thirsty for something a little decadent? This hydrating face mask might just be the treat it’s looking for…

Servings: 1 Mask
Time: 5 mins
Difficulty: Easy

2 tsp 


Organic oats, finely ground

Half a ripe

Organic avocado, mashed

1 sachet 


White kaolin clay

1 tbs (15ml)

Organic honey

1 tsp 



Combine all ingredients and use immediately.

Ground oats are highly absorbent, hypoallergenic and help to soften the skin. their gentle exfoliating powers promote cell turnover and are well suited for dry or sensitive skin.

Avocado helps your DIY face masks reach the deepest layers of the epidermis, restoring elasticity even to the driest of skins. Avocados are also packed with healthy minerals and vitamins, making them a treat for your skin.

Gentle yet stimulating, White Kaolin Clay soothes the skin while absorbing impurities and exfoliating dry patches.

Honey boasts antibacterial properties and a hefty dose of antioxidants. It also soothes and clarifies the skin.

TIP: Always remember to patch test any skin care product or ingredient before using a large amount – your skin matters!

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