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Homemade Hair Care Routine By Oleum Vera

Take care of your hair thanks to fresh ingredients from your pantry and fridge, with a little help from pure, organic essential oils and plant-based oils. With recipes for 3 oil treatments, 4 hair masks, and 2 hair rinses, your gorgeous mane will be thanking you in no time.

The Routine

  • SHAMPOO twice a week to clean dirt and debris out of your hair
  • CONDITION twice a week after each shampoo
  • USE A HAIR RINSE twice a week to nourish your hair and restore its natural shine
  • APPLY YOUR FAVORITE HAIR MASK once a week for a deep-moisturizing effect
  • TREAT YOUR HAIR to a scalp massage once a week to relieve stress and stimulate circulation

Great hair comes from within

There’s no magic trick to beautiful, strong hair and a healthy scalp; only overall health to match! When it comes to hair health, a healthy lifestyle makes all the difference. While hormonal imbalance, circulation problems or a vitamin deficiency may be at the root of more serious problems, lots of hair and scalp-related issues can be dealt with by just making a few lifestyle tweaks.

Make sure you are:

  • Getting lots of good sleep
  • Staying active
  • Addressing stress, anxiety, and their causes
  • Avoiding cigarettes
  • Limiting your caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Eating a wide range of foods, with plenty of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and B vitamins in the mix
  • Keeping hydrated (remember the 8 x 8 rule: eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, every day)

Day-to-day haircare

  • As much as a healthy lifestyle is key to a gorgeous mane, the way you treat your hair on a regular basis can also make a world of difference.
  • If you can, skip a day or two between washes. Let your scalp regulate its own oil production: it’s pretty good at it.
  • When you do wash your hair, use natural, sulfate-free shampoo. Always condition afterward to balance out any dryness.
  • When you dry your hair, do so gently, and avoid the ‘hot’ setting on your hair dryer.
  • Brush or comb gently, especially if your hair is still wet. Limit the use of styling products to minimize dryness and prevent product build-up.
  • Avoid heat-styling tools, as they can damage your hair over time, making it dry and brittle.
  • Get frequent haircuts or trims (every six weeks is a good rule of thumb) to get rid of split ends.

Caring for Dry Hair

Make sure you brush your hair gently and get it cut frequently, as this hair type most likely to have brittle ends prone to splitting. Apply a hair mask or an oil treatment at least once a week to keep your hair moisturized, and don’t wash it too often! When you do, try to let it dry on its own; and if you do use a hair dryer, keep it on the ‘cool’setting.

Caring for Oily Hair

A great start to caring for oily hair is making sure you exercise and drink plenty of water, which improves scalp circulation. Frequent hair masks will keep your scalp’s pH levels under control, and rinsing your hair with cold water will help calm overactive sebaceous glands. Avoid excess brushing, as well as touching your scalp with your hairbrush when possible. Stay away from hairspray and mousse as much as you can! Lastly, apply conditioner after every wash, but only to the tips of your hair.

Caring for Thick Hair

Avoid harsh shampoos, which could strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils. Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly after you wash and condition it–not doing so could result in an itchy, flaky scalp. Let your hair dry on its own whenever possible, and wait until it’s dry to brush it.

Caring for Fine Hair

Treat your hair to frequent oil treatments and use a gentle shampoo. You too should avoid using a hair dryer when possible and wait until your hair is dry to brush it. Keep your use of heat-styling tools, hairpins, and clips to a minimum, as these are all likely to cause your hair to break!