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Your DIY Organic Face Care Routine

Luxurious oils, natural clays, dried flowers, and fresh ingredients from your pantry join forces to help you create 3 cleansing oils, 3 facial scrubs, and 3 deep-cleansing masks.

The Routine

  • CLEANSE to remove dirt and cellular debris
  • EXFOLIATE to remove dead skin cells
  • TONE to balance your skin’s pH and remove hard minerals
  • MOISTURIZE to keep your skin hydrated
  • APPLY YOUR FAVOURITE MASK to restore your skin’s natural glow

Make Peace With Your Skin

We get it: it’s tempting to bully your skin into submission using synthetic, mass-produced creams, scrubs, and soaps. In the long run, though, this approach is bound to cause more harm than good. Instead, start by getting to know your skin - get in touch with its natural rhythm; be kind to it. And make sure you support it with healthy habits, such as:

  • Getting lots of sleep
  • Addressing stress, anxiety, and their causes
  • Avoiding cigarettes
  • Limiting your caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Eating organic whole foods and avoiding refined sugar
  • Limiting sun exposure and using high-quality sunscreen

Caring For Dry Skin

Treat your dry skin kindly: use gentle soaps and cleansers and avoid astringent toners (especially ones that contain alcohol). To dry your skin, gently pat it with a clean towel. Make sure to limit baths and showers to 5-10 minutes, once a day, and do not scrub your skin while bathing. Moisturize twice daily with a rich serum.

Caring For Sensitive Skin

Be nice to your sensitive skin by always patch testing new products. Wash and moisturize your face twice daily; apply moisturizer right after washing, while your skin is still moist, then pat it dry. Avoid steaming hot baths and showers, limit exposure to extreme temperatures, and take the time to remove all makeup before bed. Stay clear of the sun when you can and always use high-quality sunscreen.

Caring For Oily Skin It is especially important that you cleanse your skin twice daily. Show your skin some love by keeping a spray bottle of astringent toner on you to spritz your face during the day. And don’t forget: oily skin needs moisturizing too! Just make sure you pick a light moisturizing serum over thicker ones.

Read all about cleansing oils, facial scrubs, moisturizing serums, and much more in the Beauty Recipes section of our website!