For normal or combination skin. Different oils have different properties. Before you get started, find out what your skin type is; then, choose your oils accordingly. This will ensure you don’t disturb the natural balance of your skin.


5 tsp

(25 ml) 

Organic sweet almond oil

1 tbs

(15 ml)

Organic moringa oil

2 tsp 

(10 ml)

Organic avocado oil

2 tsp 

(10 ml)

Organic castor oil

8 drops

Organic lemongrass essential oil

4 drops

Organic oregano essential oil

Combine all ingredients.

SWEET ALMOND oil has been used since ancient times to restore a healthy glow to all skin types. It is light in texture and will help the castor oil penetrate deep into the skin, softening the impurities clogging your pores and drawing them out.

MORINGA oil has hydrating and detoxifying properties. It is traditionally used in Sudan to purify water and has been shown to reduce bacterial counts.

AVOCADO oil is a luxurious moisturizer with antioxidant properties beneficial to dry and aging skin. Do you have oily skin? If you do, too much avocado oil may clog your pores, so make sure to use less (and to increase the moringa oil ratio accordingly).

CASTOR oil is a humectant that will dissolve impurities and draw them out of your pores. It also attracts and retains moisture, so if you have naturally dry skin, make sure to use less castor oil (and to increase the specialized oil ratio accordingly).

LEMONGRASS essential oil has a fresh, lemony smell with a slightly earthy aroma. Its astringent properties help sterilize your pores and make it an effective cleanser for all skin types.

OREGANO essential oil is a powerful antioxidant. It also has antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that can help you get rid of persistent pimples.

TIP: Always remember to patch test any skincare product or ingredient before using a large amount – your skin matters!

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