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Your DIY organic beauty journey starts here! Choose from a vast range of free, homemade self-care recipes to revitalize the body and the mind. The Oleum Vera team have also filled this page with helpful info and top tips to help you discover the numerous benefits of an all-natural beauty regimen. Click on each heading to discover more.

Cleansing Oils

Homemade cleansing oils nourish your skin by gently removing dirt from your face and preventing excess sebum production. By creating your own using pure plant-based oils and essential oils, you can reinvigorate your face care routine! Read on to discover our tips and DIY beauty recipes

Facial Toners

Soothe your skin with a homemade, all-natural facial toner! Using a toner can make your skin glow, clear your pores and keep imperfections away. Our DIY beauty recipes will introduce you to the wide range of fresh, household ingredients that will form the base of this refreshing treat.

Moisturizing Serums

Let’s face it - no matter what your skin type is, you’ll need a great facial moisturizer. When you carefully choose your natural oils and bases, you can create a nourishing DIY serum that heals your skin and leaves it silky smooth!

Facial scrubs

Facial scrubs are an ideal way to start the day, when your skin is longing to be both cleansed and nourished. By removing dead skin cells, they make way for the moisturizing powers of essential oils and plant-based oils..

Deep-Cleansing Masks

DIY deep-cleansing masks are once-a-week treats that get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and excess oil. Made with a combination of clay, oils and fresh ingredients from your kitchen, these masks leave your skin glowing and fresh.

Face Care Kits

Once you've discovered the benefits of creating your own beauty products, try our DIY Organic Beauty Kits. Each set contains all the essential oils, plant-based oils and other natural ingredients to get your face care routine off to the best start. 

Body Butters

Embrace natural moisturizers with creamy homemade body butters made from shea butter, cocoa butter or aloe vera butter. Homemade body butters nourish your skin and are endlessly customizable to fit your needs with fragrant essential oils and organic plant-based oils.

Lotion Bars

For perfectly smooth skin in a conveniently-shaped package, whip up your own homemade lotion bars from organic ingredients. You'll customize each bar with different Oleum Vera oils and butters alongside simple ingredients from your kitchen to fit your unique skincare needs.

Body Scrubs

Homemade body scrubs gently exfoliate and polish the skin, revealing your naturally beautiful skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite and ingrown hairs with organic ingredients. Explore different scents and beneficial properties by customizing each scrub to suit your own personal preferences.    

Massage Oils

Recreate the spa experience with pleasantly-scented massage oils customized to fill your every need. It's easy to make homemade massage oils in minutes with Oleum Vera organic oils - now all you need is the perfect massage therapist.

Bath Oils

Soak into a luxurious, fragrant bath when you make your own organic bath oils at home. Homemade bath oils use fragrant essential oils and organic plant-based oils to create a moisturizing, therapeutic experience in the comfort of your own home. 

DIY Bodycare Kits

Ready for your spa day? Make it happen right at home, using organic oils, natural clays and powerful ingredients from our DIY bodycare and spa kits along with simple items you already have in your kitchen.

Hair Treatment Oils

Moisturize and strengthen your hair with homemade treatment oils for all hair types. These DIY creations use organic ingredients to keep your scalp free of flakes and dirt, while taming unruly locks. What's more, they leave your tresses with a beautiful scent and enviable shine.

Hair Masks

Enrich your hair with your very own, DIY masks! Oleum Vera’s free hair mask recipes combine organic oils with basic household ingredients to create all-natural products that strengthen your hair from the roots right to the ends.

Hair Rinses

Clear your hair and scalp of dandruff and grime with your own unique and refreshing hair rinse! Your organic DIY hair rinse uses moisturizing plant-based oils, fragrant essential oils and super-powered household ingredients to regenerate and soothe.

Shaving Oils

Kickstart your day the natural way with simple, DIY pre-shaving oils and aftershaves! These all-natural creations are both easy to make, and leave your skin fully moisturized with a fresh scent. Discover your free men’s care recipes here!

Hair Treatments

Clear your scalp and nourish your hair with fresh, organic oil treatments and rinses! Your unique combination of plant-based oils, essential oils and basic household ingredients will give your mane a new lease of life. Try our free recipes here!

Moisturizing Serums

Replenish and rehydrate your skin with your homemade moisturizing serums. Your organic creations rely on specialized plant-based oils and stimulating essential oils to leave your face smooth and calm. Plus, it takes minutes to prepare!