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Free Deep-Cleansing Mask Recipes

What Do Deep-Cleansing Face Masks Do?

Deep-cleansing masks are a little bit like cleansing magic: they get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and excess oil, leaving your skin with a smooth feeling and healthy glow. These masks are best used once a week, right after an oil cleansing.

How To Apply Deep Cleansing Masks

1. If you have normal, dry or sensitive skin, apply a generous layer over your face, making sure to avoid the lips, eyes and hairline. If you have combination or oily skin, you might want to just stick to the t-zone for this mask.

Face Mask 1

2. Either way, leave the mask on for up to 10 minutes, watching to make sure it doesn’t get crumbly.

Face Mask 2

3. Rinse the mask off with warm water, using a soft, clean washcloth. Don’t scrub; just let the water rinse it away for you (this is most easily done in the shower).

Face Mask 3

How To Customize Your Deep Cleansing Mask

Face Mask Container

1. Choose The Right Clay (Or Combination Of Clays) For Your Skin Type

Bentonite clay is highly porous, and draws toxins out of your skin like a magnet! Its tightening and impurity-absorbing powers make it a perfect fit for oily skin.

On the other hand, white kaolin clay gently soothes the skin and stimulates blood circulation. And while it does have absorbing and exfoliating properties, it remains mild enough for dry or sensitive skin.

2. Enrich With Rare, Specialized Oils

Moringa oil has hydrating and detoxifying powers, and has been shown to reduce bacterial counts. It is also traditionally used in Africa to purify water.

Avocado oil is a luxurious moisturizer with antioxidant properties beneficial to dry and aging skin. If you have oily skin, too much avocado oil may clog your pores, so make sure to use less (and to increase the moringa oil ratio accordingly).

3. Adjust Thickness By Adding Water Or A Pinch Of Clay Powder

Your mask should be easily spreadable, but stiff enough to stay put once applied to the skin.

4. Personalize With Essential Oils or Flower Petals

Rose Petals and Lavender Buds (or a combination of both) lend a pleasing aroma to your mask. You can also create your own fragrance using essential oils; a combination of tea tree and oregano, for example, could work miracles on oily skin!

Many other Oleum Vera organic essential oils can be incorporated into your custom face mask for an entirely original scent! Learn more by visiting our Essential Oil Shop page.

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